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Awesome Acrylic Artists…. Anna Kutishcheva


The artist is just great at depicting water and also the time of year. When looking at her works I can feel and smell the time of the year she is painting. Maybe its because I have lived most of my life in the Northwest.

The artist was born and lives in Canada.  The artist attended college at Sheridan College in Canada, this school is known as the Harvard of Animation Schools. A comparison to the United States art world would be Cal arts.

Should you be interested in great drawings check out It was started by a student attended Cal-Arts who is now professional and turned the site into a social networking space to meet people in the animation industry and share ideas. Its well worth the visit! Check it out!

In her own words she is chasing the spirits living in the lights and shadows.

The artist has sold works to Charles Saatchi, a major turning point in any artist’s career.It is said that Saatchi is the worlds largest collector of art, buying around 2 million euro dollars per year! Hopefully she has gained a major client.

The artist is very adept at painting water. Be it still water with a butterfly enjoy a beautiful sunset or rushing water from a large wave she always captures the flow of the water and the different reflective qualities of the water as well.

Please get out and try to paint some spring days or fall days and compare them to your favorite artists. She paints the season’s excellently, YOU CAN SMELL THE in her paintings.  Also paints very large sometimes as large as 36 by 48 inches.Very diverse in subject and awesome in execution! Awesome!


Happy painting!