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Awesome Acrylic Artists….. Adam Neate….

Below is a clip showing the artist on CNN when he was featured for leaving his works on the streets, and sometimes thrown away with the trash!

Great clip showing the artist’s paintings/ wall sculptures as I prefer to think of them!

I enjoy this artist for his fresh was of looking at the world and his work ethic becoming a successful business entrepreneur.

This artist is very contemporary and I find his pieces elicit great responses from the viewer.  For me a modern twist on the great expressionists like Kathe Kollwitz or Edward Munch. I have written posts on many street painters, this is one of the leading street painters of Britain.

He was born in Essex in 1977.

Has appeared on CNN and was as major European newscasts.

Became interested in the street art movement via a relative. Loved to watch hip hop and the rap movement when it was first starting out. Long ago before MTV had any REALITY shows. He saw as many VHS tapes and books as he could to learn more about the movement.

Went to college and studied design. After college he took a job at an advertising agency.

The artist started painting or rather making art. He used cardboard not canvas due to cost. He tears materials and then assembles them often, giving the works a sculpted look. Most interesting is that he might have OVERPRODUCED as an artist. He gave works to friends and then started leaving works as gifts until he found out most would be thrown away with the trash!  Gave away as many as 1000 works of art as gifts!

In 2007 he had his first solo show, he developed a modern style with expressive figures. The show sold out within hours of opening and a contemporary art star was born!

He devoted himself full time to painting in 2008. One of his paintings, Suicide Bomber, sold for more than 100,000 U.S. Dollars.

Lists art influences as Warhol, NYC graffiti artist Daze, and Picasso.

I enjoy this artist for his varieties of expression and the fact he paints as well as assembles his works.