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Artist who are worth millions…… Facebook millionaire David Choe….

A clip showing the artist with the founder of Facebook at headquarters working on this project. Zuckerberg makes a stick figure which is made into a face by the artist. He is working with spray paints in this clip.


I will continue writing about artists working in acrylics but I saw this news this morning and thought it was great and wanted to share with you.

The worlds most used social networking site, facebook, is going list publicly and anyone holding stock will get to cash in! This artist who was born in 1976 and calls himself homeless as he travels the earth and makes good art and bad music.

The artist did some mural work for the facebook home offices in California, rather than get paid in cash he chose to get paid in stock! Well if all goes as expected the artist will have made around 200 million dollars from his painting work at Facebook!

I included a link below to his website. I enjoy the artist for his creativity, cleverness (to take facebook stock rather than cash) he won’t have to pay taxes on his monies until he sells stock, and variety of mediums he uses. One of his ideas was to retire early! Well no doubt he can do that now, but also to illustrate the bible.

Nice to see an artist getting paid MORE than they are worth instead of less!

Happy learning!