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Awesome Acrylic Artist…..Robert LaDuke…


this artist loves to paint in the 1930s to 1950s era. A very exciting time indeed, the world was growing and planes and cars were just becoming commonplace. I enjoy the playfulness of his ideas and the execution of the works.  The artist works mainly with acrylics on panel. The artist has been featured in many national art magazines, I first became aware of his work from American Art Collector.

The artist was born in Massachusetts in 1961.

Attended college at the Art Institute of Chicago.

His paintings of bridges are also fantastic. It always seems the focal point of the object is in a hurry driving fast.

This artist is also a great business person.  Below is a link to some posters available at The commercial market is a great market for any artist just so they can work on painting not only what they enjoy painting, but more importantly WHAT SELLS. The artist had nearly 20 works for sale.–a2440/robert-laduke-posters.htm


Get out there and paint, its a beautiful day!

55 and sunny here!

Happy painting!