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Awesome Acrylic Artists…..Hubert Lartique…

This fellow uses the airbrush but had posted more than 20 videos on youtube that show the various steps.  These are some great lessons to learn.  For me the best part of the lesson was seeing the process of making the eyes look so wet and at the same time highly structured.

Another process clip showing the painting of the woman with an ice cube in her mouth.



He is French of course and also paints mainly with acrylics using an airbrush on canvas. I love the control he shows with the airbrush in the small details. The moistness of the lips, the wetness of an eyeball, even the warmth of skin are brought to life by this artist.

He was born in France in 1963.

Did his post high school studying in a mechanical engineering program.

Since 1989 has worked as an illustrating making various packaging designs.

I like to think of the artist as a modern day Vargas! I enjoy his paintings of the female form and the different textured he produces on each painting. He also paints quite large, many portraits having sizes around 50 inches.

Try a figure painting today!