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Awesome Acrylic Artist Series….. John K. Harrell


I enjoy this artist for his versatility. And although I LOVE acrylic paints, in fact I love all mediums for the reason they allow you to express your thoughts, I have listed artist who are hyper realistic in their painting. This artist has a looser, almost oil painting like quality. I read about him in a magazine around Christmas and sometimes he just paints with palette knives, no brushes at all.

He is most known for his cityscapes. If you visit his blog you can see that he lists work on the daily painters site. I found several very nice works for $135 with the cost of shipping included. The artist is a great also and painting dogs!

Flowers, dogs , and landscapes all are brought to life by the artist.

The artist was inspired by his grandma, who sometimes painted right along side him. That is what got me started into art, watching grandma paint and draw.

The artist was born in New Mexico and attended college at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, Colorado. He also took classes at the art students league.

He has won numerous awards and appeared in national art publications.

I enjoy the artist for the fact he isn’t afraid to paint any subject.  He works mainly in pastels and acrylics and has won awards for both. In many corporate and private collections!  If you are just starting an art collection this artist should be on top of your list!   For those artist struggling to add life to the still life, I have had so much trouble with this, take a lesson from this artist or Marc Dennis or Rachel Ruycsch and go ahead and add some bugs or insects to the work. Give it some life and movement!

Keep painting and learning! The journey is the fun of being an artist.