Awesome Acrylic Artists….. Angela Hardy…


this is a really hot artist coming from Canada.  She has a great variety in her works, and her blog often has many smaller pieces for sale. Anything from small drawings and these wonderfully painted 6 by 6 inch paintings of people.  On the site she also has specials such as buy 2 get one 1 free. This artist has loads of talent, and becoming more of a businessperson all the time.

Some of her large figures are done acrylics on board and some are as large as 4 by 4 feet!

She was born and grew in Canada and obtained BFA in Canada as well. Has sold 2 works to Chicago collector Howard Tullman.

I enjoy this artist for her very contemporary settings that she places people in. I hope you visit her website and you can see the tremendous skill that goes into designing small works that 6 by 6 inches. The amount of detail seen in these works is extraordinary.A link to the artist’s website.



Below is a clip talking with the artist in Labrador West in Canada in 2010. The artist is from the area and interviews her prior to her workshop. She also mentions being sought after by Howard Tullman.

Another 2 and half minute clip featuring works by the artist set to music, no interviews.








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