Awesome Acrylic Artist series… Melissa Chandon…

Clip featuring the artist in 2009. She talks about some paintings and her unique style of composition.


Another clip with the artist’s work set to music. The artist gives painting tours and you can find a link to her website via the video.



this artist has what I like to think of as a “California Pop Art” style to her work.   She paints visions I would expect to see or think about when I think about going away for a weekend at the coast in California. Maybe even some buildings you might have seen along the old Route 66!  Similar in genre to Dennis Ziemenski, who also paints themes from the 60s 70s of California scene mainly in oils. Also Robert Townsend is another artist who paints this idea in watercolor mainly.  Chandon was also a student of painter Wayne Thiebaud.

The artist was born in 1952 in Biloxi, Mississippi. The artist paints landscapes or large vacation items like a car made for going to the beach, a volkswagen van, or even a trailer house. Gets inspiration from memories of trips made by her family to the beach when she was young.

BA from Santa Clara University. Also went to college in Minnesota and the State College of New York.

Working on MFA at the Art Institute of Boston.

I enjoy this artist for lively compositions and use of color. Even though no human is present in her pictures, the viewer gets the idea they are all alone in the scene. Her use of bright colors in the under painting also help push the subject off the canvas. Her skies from a distance are usually one solid color blue sometimes even purple, but upon closer inspection the viewer is happily delighted at the buffet of colors the exist just below the first layer of paint.

The artist works in acrylics on birch panel.  Sometimes there is a marine finish. The artist has appeared in many nationally known magazines about art.

What I like most about her work is that it makes me happy! Be happy today!

Happy painting!


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