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Awesome Acrylic Artists…… Erin Cone….


if you read any of the monthly art magazines you might be familiar with this artist. She paints in acrylics on canvas. Painting one figure on each canvas and filling the rest of the space with delightful patterns and geometric shapes. From time to time instead of using a female figure she will use a hand.

The artist was born in 1976 in Lubbock, Texas.

BFA from University of Texas in Austin, 1998.

Has appeared in both American Art Collector and Southwest Art magazine.

If you like great figure work, check out the work of this artist!

Happy painting!


Acrylic Artists feature…… Figure artist Bernardo Torrens….




this artist is awesome! My favorite when it comes to depicting the female form with acrylics! He paints in oils as well, but only the last work shown here is an oil painting.  The rest are acrylic on wood.

The artist was born in 1957 in Madrid, Spain.

Of all the works made by the artist I enjoy the black and white nudes the most. Very sensual and the viewer is able to add colors as they like. Also interesting are the different twists of the body. If you enjoy this artists work you may also want to check out watercolor master Steve Hanks.

Also enjoyable as that the viewer can dwell only on one figure. There aren’t many emotions of different characters in his works, just a solitary figure.  The artist also is part of a dying breed of artists, one that uses the airbrush! Having used the airbrush myself, I am amazed at the control the artist used to depict his wonderful figures.

From my research it appears the artist is basically self taught. For me the artist, a successful artist be they in fine art or illustration are all self taught. You can’t just get art info in class, that might be where the seed is planted but an artist must keep reading of both past and current mediums and artists in order to always be growing.

Clip featuring the artist during 2009 show in New York City.

More artwork featuring the artist here.


If you haven’t tried an acrylic work, DO SO TODAY!