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New Series…Artists that use Acrylics…. Wang Ziwei…

This artist paints very large faces with acrylics on canvas. Sometimes  a side of his canvas may be upwards of 70 inches.   The artist is a leader in the Political Pop genre of painting. This movement speaks of the industrialization and westernization of the China. One of the artists in this movement said he noticed the connection between govt and big business many years ago whilst looking at a photo of peasant workers. They were relaxing enjoying a coca cola! A regular advertisement for the beverage company!

Such themes of Political Pop are sometimes pop icons like Michael Jackson, Andy Warhol, and even the Chairman Mao.

The artist was born in 1963 in China and still resides there. Not much info on the artist yet.  I will be writing about 50 acrylic artist in the next few posts. So many new artists out there challenging this exciting new medium!  Each of the works shown above are acrylics on canvas.


Keep experimenting!