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Artist of the moment….. Dutch painter Maria Van Oosterwyck…


I have seen the artist’s last name spelled many ways, alongside Rachel Ruysch probably the best female floral painters of the renaissance era.

The artist was born in 1630. She was among the great masters of the Dutch Golden Age. She born in a city called Nootdorp.  She was a student of Dutch painter Jan Davidsz de Heem. She lived in Delft, then Utrecht, and finally Amsterdam. She was widely known and celebrated as a painter, yet due to her female status she was unable to attain membership in the local art guild.  While in Amsterdam she lived just across from the workshop of William Van Aelst.

Widely collected and admired by heads of state and royalty. Some patrons were the King of Poland,  King Louis of France, and King William of England.

The artist never married.

Taught her servant how to mix paint, and the servant also became a great artist. The servant’s name was Geertgen Wyntges.

I enjoy this artist as she broke the mold when it came to women that aspired to be painters. Her and Rachel Ruysch set the bar very high! I enjoy the contrast of the artist’s work and the fact she didn’t let her sex be  a barrier. I also enjoy the composition as many times there are insects or something alive that is included in the still life.

The artist died in 1693.

Keep learning!