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Artist of the moment… Eric Wert….

Below is a clip from the Sullivan Goss Gallery. The clip is about a show featuring floral scenes by Eric Wert and 2 other artists that took place in May of 2011.


this artist fascinates me with his hyper realistic portraits of flowers.  His compositions are unique in that many times the vase is tipped over. The ground as it were seems to be a reflective glass with many large droplets of water. His website has many more examples than I listed here, but its very interesting to see some graphite drawings of the artist. These are a great study tool for anyone looking to depict a cactus, or something spiky.

The artist was born in 1976. Received bachelor’s degree from the Art Institute of Chicago. Masters of Fine Art from Northwestern of Chicago.

The artist got his start with an art career as a scientific illustrator at the Field of Museum of Natural History in Chicago.  He enjoys painting the floral scene, spilled out on a smooth surface, with a silky type background. Even the reflectiveness of the glass vase.

In 2005 a piece was purchased by the New Britain Museum in Connecticut.

I enjoy the artist was very unique was of looking at still lifes, as well as his wonderful technique.

Happy painting!