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Artist of the moment….. Marc Dennis….


another great painter of EVERYTHING!  I first became aware of the artist a few years ago in American Art Collector magazine for his paintings of bugs and insects.

The artist has kept improving and now paints wonderful flowers and compositions with firearms. The firearms are most interesting as they are laid on a tablecloth or pattern of flowers and sometimes birds.

This artist is very contemporary in the his paintings of still lifes and I saw a painting of  meat hanging on a hook that reminded me of Rembrandt titled the Slaughtered Ox. It is the very last picture I listed.

The artist was born in Danvers, MA in 1964. Attended college at the Art Institute of Boston, Tyler School of the Arts in Philly, and the University of Texas at Austin.

He shows in New York, Chicago, and Seattle.  He paints all things well and technically is a very sound painter. I enjoy his compositions of traditional items like flowers or birds, done in a modern way with closeups of insects climbing on flowers or guns waiting to be held and shot. Great creativity!

In addition to being a professor and artist he is also very active in studying the cooking and eating of different insects. In the summer when teaching slows down, the artist loves to invite friends and family where the entire food buffet is insects. The show was down for the cooking channel and produced by Al Roker. Please check out the clip below to read more about this very interesting artist.



Please take a second to compare the Rembrandt Slaughtered Ox with Dennis’ innovative modern technique. A reminder to always paint what you love, even if its bugs!



Happy painting!