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First post of 2012!!! Artist of the moment…. Elizabeth Nourse….


I have been on a painting holiday and its great to be back! Today’s artist is Elizabeth Nourse. When looking at her works she can easily remind the viewer of painters of the same genre, women and women and children. If you like this artists’ work check out Pino D’Angelico, John Singer Sargent, Mary Cassatt, and for a modern twist Alyssa Monks.

Elizabeth Nourse was born in Cincinnati, Ohio back in 1859. She had a twin sister who was also very artistic and became a wood carver.The artist was studied with famous artists like Julien Wier as well as William Merritt Chase. She then traveled overseas to study with another sister in the Academie Julian’s School for women artists in Paris.

The artist was able to exhibit with a “new” Salon in 1892 in France. She then went to Holland to further her plein air methods.The artist painted more and more reflecting what was going on in European painting circles rather than what was going on in the United States. She was more a naturalist in the French style than an American Impressionist. Many have given her works the title of Social Realism.

I enjoy this artist for her great style of painting.  Another artist she reminds me of his Norman Rockwell.  Her placement of people to the viewer, especially figures interacting with each other, can teach any artist looking to improve their design technique.

The artist also did long trips to Africa. These works are great for the play of characters against very light backgrounds and the bright colors of the inhabitants caused the artist to brighten up her palette.

The artist died in 1938.

Happy painting!