Artist of the moment….. Donna Howell Sickles…….


this artist is very popular among western art collectors.  She  specializes in the cowgirl and also horses. Working in mixed media such as pastels and acrylics on paper or canvas the artist makes me think of a 60s pop artist painting western scenes. You don’t get the feeling of a rough and rugged cowboy smoking a cigarette. I get the feeling of a beautiful princess out for a ride on her precious horse.  Rather than the browns, grays, and greens of an Andrew Wyeth of Howard Terpning ( my favorite western genre artist) the artist loves to saturate a scene with exaggerated color. Giving the piece action and movement.

The artist was born in 1949. She became interested in the cowgirl image after seeing a vintage postcard in 1972 of a scene from the 1930s. The cowgirl had ruby red lips and sat proudly and happily atop her horse. She started becoming interested in the cowgirl images in an art trade with a classmate.

The artist was even inducted into the National Cowgirl Hall of Fame for her “cowgirl” portraits. This happened in 2007. You can go to her website at this address below.

The artist is based out of Dallas, Texas. I enjoy looking at her work as it makes me think of perfect summer and spring days saturated with color. The days that make you so happy to involved with ranching and horseback riding. Also simple compositions of just one or few characters. In some of the narrative paintings so many people reacting at once its sometimes tough to get a feeling, I get an instant feeling of happiness looking at the artist’s work.

This magazine is called “True West.”  For the first time in history they put a woman artist on the cover and it was Donna Howell Sickles.  Below is a corresponding interview with the artist.

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