Great art event to check out… least on line…..


every year in Bruges, Belgium an international ice and snow festival is held. This years theme was Disneyland Paris at Christmas time. The event is now in its ninth season! Awesome!

The show runs from November 25 of 2011 until January 12, 201.

Via this website you can go on a virtual tour, it helps you get a feel of the many 10 hour days these artists put in to achieve these great results. Her is a 13 minute clip on the incredible sculptures that were made for display this year.

Below is the website for the festival, be sure and check out the reality tour!

These artists are incredible. I am sure anyone who grew up around snow as a kid made a snowman. This is snow and ice at an adult skill level. Fantastic. Also at this time is an ice sculpture show in Germany that has to do with a circus themes. I was unable to find a good article however to report about it. Besides, I love the Disney characters more. Fun to see characters from the Jungle Book or Toy Story done in ice and life size!

Keep learning!  The fun is in the process, not the end goal whatever it may be.

Enjoy the Holiday Season.





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