DVD and Art Lesson Review….. Caricature and illustrator Jim Van Der Keyl….


I would like these posts to be more of a forum. If you have seen the DVD or lesson in question please write in and tell the forum your experience. A sort of yelp!.com but with no advertising! Just sincere honest opinions.

This collection of lessons( I bought them on VHS tape back in 2003) was what I used to become a professional caricature artist living in Las Vegas.

These lessons are perfect for the person looking to learn how to draw the human face. The first lesson is on the one minute caricature. It was true after 2 weeks of watching the tape I could easily draw a face in profile view.   The lesson concentrates on seeing the different shapes of eyes, hair, mouth and nose. The second lesson deals with drawing the 3/4 view. The company I worked for Las Vegas, http://www.FasenArts.com, only 1 out of 20 artists drew the 3/4 view.  The rest, myself included, drew the straight front on view. But the second lesson teaches what to look for when drawing adults, women (less lines involved) and children (less lines and big forehead)
The first two lessons can teach you how to draw a face, but watch them at least every other day to have quick results.  If you try to learn how to draw the straight front on view you can practice by watching the weather channel or a news channel and drawing the likenesses only during the time the guests are interviewed. The lesson applied from the second lesson come in handy even when drawing the front view. My only complaint with drawing only the 3/4 view is that the artist has to deal with perspective as well as getting the likeness.


For instance if someone were drawing a person with almond shaped eyes. Drawing from the front view you can make them the same size. If drawing a 3/4 view you must drop the eye furthest from the viewer back with perspective.

After learning how to draw a good likeness, be sure and practice kids and beautiful women, the third lesson teaches you the fine art of exaggeration. Squash and stretch. Exaggerating a main feature such as the chin on Jay Leno or the hair of Susan Sarandon. In  the third lesson the artist does some sketching and painting of famous people. The best part of the lesson is getting to watch the entire drawing process take place. From beginning 5 inch sketches to finished ideas complete with color using an airbrush, watercolor, or colored pencil. Among some stars featured are Arnold Schwartzenagger, Arsenio Hall, Barbara Streisland, Liz Taylor, and Princess Diana. Really great sketches to learn from as you can draw a celebrity then compare it to the ones the artist did.


Also has a website. For me too much info on here. Not easy to get around as page loads take forever. Very informative as the artist first started appearing in the back of art magazines back in the 90s. http://www.sketchme.com    (long time to load)

For scoring I give the lessons 5 out of 5 brushes! A perfect score. Mr. Van Der Keyl is a great teacher and these lessons are just perfect for a beginner or intermediate to drawing the face. He uses simple shapes to achieve a great likeness quickly.

I will try to review at least one lesson per week, please leave comments if you have watched the DVD and want to give a review.

Happy drawing!


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