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Artist of the moment…..Dennis Wojtkiewicz



this artist has really made a name for himself in the art world  this past year.  You might have seen his still life paintings in the magazine American Art Collector. He is known for painting the fruit still life, but sliced fruit. The artist says its so that the fruit then looks very similar to stained glass.  The artist is a great handler of paint and technique, and the compositions are very new to the art world. I had seen sliced fruit on a table or on a plate, the artist has really changed the idea of a still life by zeroing in on one or two slices and painting the translucency of the fruit. Such a high level of painting in these works.


Similar to the ceramic artist I mentioned some posts back, I look very closely at the patterns of toilet paper now, this artist has caused me to look more closely at slices of fruit. Using fun shapes for the fruit slices and then painting the see effect at a very high level.

Just recently the artist has been working on floral paintings. Close cropped shots of just one flower, no messing with a face or really a background. Please appreciate the scale of size this artist uses also. Many times on a square format the paintings are four feet by four feet. Many  times on the citrus series or melon the pieces are 72 inches on the long side!

This artist is very inspirational for me and has taught me to go into detail sometimes on a floral. Ideally I want to be able to paint as loose as Sargent or as tight as Wyeth.

The paintings are first done in monochrome then many layers of paint, 10 to 12 layers in fact. His master of influence is Vermeer. The composition and his painting of light are a huge influence on the artist.  His artist statement is that he trying to achieve something simple, with a complicated process.

The artist received a M.F.A. from the University of Illinois in Drawing and Painting in 1981. In 1977 and 78 he studied at an atelier in France. Well done!

Try an oversize floral today, you will become more aware of the many small shapes seen in the petals.

Happy painting!