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Artist of the moment….. William Edouard Scott….


this artist was a great African American painter of last century. Like one of his idols Henry Ossawa Tanner, moved to Europe to gain not only crucial experience from the scholars but also to exhibit art as an artist, not as a NEGRO artist.In his many works he painted minorities in more prominent positions than just a slave or maid.

The artist was born in Indiana in 1884. At the age of twenty the artist moved to Chicago. He painted many murals around the city and the most famous of these is called “Commerce” By painting minorities in high class jobs and not just slave he hoped to start a movement of the races and equality.

Went to France and studied with Henry O. Tanner. Then began an art career. This was done in Europe as the United States was still caught in racism so it was would have been very difficult for him to have a career in the arts in this country.

The artist also visited Haiti for many years. Among his favorite scenes to paint were the local markets. The composition on these works is tremendous.  The viewer gets the impression that people are in motion.  In 1950 he painted a wonderful masterpiece titled “Haitian Markets.”

For portraits the artist painted great images of Frederick Douglass.

The artist was heavily influenced by Henry Ossawa Tanner but race didn’t play as much a part of his works as American artists that were black. He started his career in Europe and it was hard for Europeans to get a handle on looking at race first, rather than just part of someone. It was the time of Josephine Baker and Henry Ossawa Tanner so Europeans cared more about the talent of the artist rather than their skin color.

The artist died in Chicago in 1964.

The best attribute of this artist for me is his design and composition skills, FANTASTIC.