Artist of the moment…… Tony Bennett….


Yes I mean the singer! The artistic side of Mr. Bennett extends to visual arts as well. A great painter working in oils but mainly in watercolor. He even has come books out with collections of his art. His paintings include  cities and countries he has visited as well as still lifes and skyscapes. He is really diverse in his subject matter. If you look at his still lifes he did some tea pots that showed a high degree of difficulty with the reflections of the surrounding objects. THIS AUDIO ARTIST CAN PAINT! Make no mistake about it.  His painting of the fabric in the still lifes is also of very high quality.

He paints under the name Benedetto Arts and much of the money it generates goes right to charity. The artist currently has a piece on Ebay showing Lady Gaga that I will write about next post!

For me the artist is best at capturing the feeling of landscapes.

The artist formed this LLC company showing his works and paintings and dealing with sales and promotion. The company is based in New York City.

The artist was born in 1926 and grew up in the Astoria and New York City areas.

The artist is just a great gift to the art world as a whole. His art sales have helped out many charities. On my next entry I will include a drawing that is currently up for sale.

The clip below shows Mr. Bennett giving an interview talking about his love of producing visual art.

Be Inspired!




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