Artist of the moment…. Matthew Day Jackson….


I enjoy this artist’s work as he can express his feelings in many mediums. Many times using found objects and turning them into fantastic portraits.

The artist now lives in Brooklyn.  Received a BFA from University of Washington in Seattle. Masters degree from Rutgers University.

Loves to use symbols that remind the viewer of history and important times in the world.

Its refreshing to see a new outlook on the portrait and figure and the added twist of something historical in the pieces makes them even more fun to look at and ponder.

He paints, sculpts, draws, uses photography, and makes videos. What a creative genius! Much of his work is dedicated to the American Dream and the lengths people will go to accomplish this goal.

Much of the work is based on iconic imagery from the 60s and 70s.

An interview with the artist from earlier in 2011 with two commentators.

Some of the artist’s works. This clip lasts 7 minutes or so.

A one minute clip showing some art from a  piece made to look like a flyover from a war zone in 1945. What creativity!

I encourage you to try adding some encaustic or trying a new medium. This new medium may even help you to express yourself better!

Be inspired to create!

Happy Painting!







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