Artist of the moment…. Denis Nolet

Quick slideshow of the artists work set to music is below.

this artist specializes in painting figures. He is known for painting couples kissing or hugging and using very limited lighting.

Mr. Nolet was born in Quebec, Canada in 1964. The young artist immersed himself early on in life with art and was able to become successful at art at the age of 20.

His brushwork is very light and in fact the paint quality when finished looks like a very smooth fabric rather than paint.

I am sure like myself you noticed the artist has design skills similar to a Thomas Kinkade, using vibrant color shapes in the negative spaces and backgrounds and animated the movement of the human elements of the picture. The figures seem to move on their own the line work is so good! Using silhouettes also helps keep the viewer intrigued in the art as one can ponder what the face really looks like.

If you had only two words to describe the artist’s works the words “romantic urbanism” comes to mind.

Try painting some figures embracing and see what you come up with. Then watch some old Disney movies and compare the two!

Happy painting!



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