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A great opportunity for figure artists working with the male figure…..

I will post from time to time opportunities for artists. Not the normal contests that cost $15 to $50 to enter and then if selected you have to buy a frame and pay shipping. The goal here is to find opportunities for little cost that can bring wide exposure to the artist.

This is a great opportunity to work with firehouse publications. They are looking for writers and figure artists, that work at least 50% of the time with the male figure to help them produce a quarterly book on the male figure in art. Below is a showing of the book on amazon. It seems to be of great use to the artist and receives great reviews. This is a large publishing company so this might lead to another job with another publication with the company.


It doesn’t cost anything to apply. Email them that you are interested, send a sample, you will get a quick response. I was interested in another opportunity the company listed but it had closed already. They responded to email within a few hours.

Its very frustrating to spend hours on end working on a piece or making a portfolio for a specific company and you NEVER hear back. They say they are too busy but the artist probably put in 40 hours making the piece so they can spend 15 seconds typing a response.  Sometimes the artist even pays to ship some samples via a cd.  We as artists deserve to know if our work fits the task at hand or if it doesn’t let us know what we can change.

Enough rambling, the link for this company is below. GOOD LUCK! Please let me know if you have success!



Artist of the moment…. Denis Nolet

Quick slideshow of the artists work set to music is below.

this artist specializes in painting figures. He is known for painting couples kissing or hugging and using very limited lighting.

Mr. Nolet was born in Quebec, Canada in 1964. The young artist immersed himself early on in life with art and was able to become successful at art at the age of 20.

His brushwork is very light and in fact the paint quality when finished looks like a very smooth fabric rather than paint.

I am sure like myself you noticed the artist has design skills similar to a Thomas Kinkade, using vibrant color shapes in the negative spaces and backgrounds and animated the movement of the human elements of the picture. The figures seem to move on their own the line work is so good! Using silhouettes also helps keep the viewer intrigued in the art as one can ponder what the face really looks like.

If you had only two words to describe the artist’s works the words “romantic urbanism” comes to mind.

Try painting some figures embracing and see what you come up with. Then watch some old Disney movies and compare the two!

Happy painting!



Artist of the moment…. Matthew Day Jackson….


I enjoy this artist’s work as he can express his feelings in many mediums. Many times using found objects and turning them into fantastic portraits.

The artist now lives in Brooklyn.  Received a BFA from University of Washington in Seattle. Masters degree from Rutgers University.

Loves to use symbols that remind the viewer of history and important times in the world.

Its refreshing to see a new outlook on the portrait and figure and the added twist of something historical in the pieces makes them even more fun to look at and ponder.

He paints, sculpts, draws, uses photography, and makes videos. What a creative genius! Much of his work is dedicated to the American Dream and the lengths people will go to accomplish this goal.

Much of the work is based on iconic imagery from the 60s and 70s.

An interview with the artist from earlier in 2011 with two commentators.

Some of the artist’s works. This clip lasts 7 minutes or so.

A one minute clip showing some art from a  piece made to look like a flyover from a war zone in 1945. What creativity!

I encourage you to try adding some encaustic or trying a new medium. This new medium may even help you to express yourself better!

Be inspired to create!

Happy Painting!