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Artist of the moment……….Aaron Smith…


The artist was born in 1964.

I found out about this artist as he was featured on the cover of American Artist magazine. He did a wonderful painting of the well known Army figure Ambrose Burnsides. He had these wonderful sideburns that are odd because you think he is really hairy but in fact is nearly bald.

The artist references history in both his way of painting and sometimes even his compositions.

He has done some wonderful paintings of statues using a baroque or gothic technique. It  makes the statues come to life and seem quite vibrant.

Has had some shows in major galleries in Chicago and Los Angeles.

His works are done mainly in oils on panels. Also a fantastic floral painter.

For those of you who saw the admiral appear quite frequently last month it was MOVEMBER.  Men were encouraged to grow out their facial hair to help raise money for research on prostate cancer. Ambrose Burnsides had so much facial hair I saw him appear many times in November when the leaders of the fundraising campaigns would appear on television.

Keep an eye out for Aaron Smith. Enjoy his thick heavy brushstrokes and brilliant color.

Keep learning!



Artist Opportunities for those who love animals…

One can find many sites that list the major art shows around the country. I will use this space only for competitions that are very beneficial for the artist and the business person. I don’t consider an entry into American Artist magazine as a worthwhile investment. Most every time the award is given to someone already of high stature in the art world.

This website I found has a monthly contest for animals. The winner is to receive $500. Its a win win situation for many dogs, cats, and budding artists!

Its an opportunity to draw or paint your favorite pet or animal and perhaps get a break in the art world!

For broad art listings try or

Get those pencils moving. I have not yet thought about an entry, but next time you are at the art supply store take a look at some scratchboard that is for sale. Many times some great drawings of dogs are on the front. This may be some inspiration for you!

Get those pencils moving.

Artist of the moment….. Laurence Sisson….

The artist was accepted into the American Watercolor Society back in the 1950s and worked with watercolor as his main medium for many decades as an illustrator. Please take a moment to view some of the artist’s watercolors below. Very loose with great composition.


this artist paints just wonderful seascapes and desertscapes.  The viewer really gets the feeling of heat and light and more importantly the reflection of light on the rocks. I have never seen the artist’s work in person, but even looking at in a magazine or a computer screen the depth is amazing. Great use of color and a simple designing pattern.

The artist with a good graphic eye will notice in many seascapes the shoreline runs from bottom left to upper right making a great triangle shape. In the distance usually a small island or large rock will be. Still my favorite part of the painting is the rocks! Awesome.

The artist was born in 1928 in Boston, Massachusetts.  Laurence Sisson, Andrew Wyeth, and Ed Hopper are perhaps the 3 most followed artists from Maine, each saw the land in their own unique way. I enjoy the way the artist builds his layers of paint.

The artist always stands when he paints and thinks of himself like a ballet dancer, using his entire body in movements. He gets his initial ideas and thoughts down quickly, and then builds up the many layers of paint slowly. One favorite texture the artist likes to capture is the feeling of pebbles on the soft beach sand.

If you learn anything from this artist I hope its to learn to experiment with greys (colored) not just black and white on your rocks. Mauves and yellows. Transparent oxide red and viridian. Try some color combinations and try more layers than you normally paint! EXPERIMENT!

Happy Painting!