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Artist of the moment…….. Liv Carson…..





One of the goals of this blog is to get the general public involved in all the different forms of art and especially those artists good at commercial art as well as selling one of kind works. Today’s artist is Liv Carson. I always see her commercial works when I visit my local Hobby Lobby!  She has a unique style in that she paints very large flowers with many brushstrokes. From a composition standpoint she is similar to Dyanna Hesson in that one flower may take up the entire page. But the artist isn’t limited to floral scenes, she has done series in landscapes as well as figures. If you were to go to or  you could find more than 100 samples of her works. Even if she only made 800 per posters when all her royalties were counted, she is a great business woman and I think any artist could learn from her!

The artist is very diversified in that she paints not only in oils, but also acrylics, and even watercolors.

This artist should serve as inspiration to every artist looking to generate some money, perhaps a great lifestyle, making paintings to be used in posters, giclees, tableware, giftwrap, greeting cards, puzzles, collector plates, bed sheets, the list goes on and on. Just have a vision, a goal, (I prefer a goal to a dream as for me goals are easier to attain!)