Artist of the moment…. Polly Apfelbaum…

The artist talking about an installation called Blossom that has to do with her interpretation of the Power Puff Girls cartoon.


One show of the artist in Dallas last year. Check out some more large installations.


this artist is great for her use of color and fun shapes. The artist was born in 1955 and much of her early inspiration to create came from the Pop Art Movement.

She works in a variety of media including not only paint but also installations sometimes done with velvet, cloth, or cut up photographs.

She has won various awards and grants over her career including the Jackson-Pollack grant and also a grant given by the Guggenheim.

The artist attended college in Philadelphia at the Tyler School of Art.

She became widely known for her “fallen paintings” which are a mixture of painting, installation, and sculpture.

These fallen paintings stem from the idea that fun shapes are made on the floor out of dyed fabric and from this pool of colors new colors splash and emerge. Smaller splashes of color explode from the floor. Some themes are from current pop culture, feminism, and even some ideas of abstract painters of the 50s and 60s.

She now lives and works in New York City.

The artist even has work in the Whitney Museum in New York. In many private and public collections.

I enjoy this artist for her free flowing shapes and also the fact she isn’t afraid to use color boldly.



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