HAPPY THANKSGIVING…….Artist of the moment….. Christina Chalmers……

since we have black friday coming up tomorrow I thought it would be great to check out some artists who work with dresses and clothes.

The artist has a great statement that says her paintings and constructions are a reflection of her soul.

The artist was born in 1948 in Madison, Wisconsin. The artist has a place not only in Mendocino, CA but also in France as well as Sante Fe, NM. She finds it easier to get motivated and to continue a high work output by moving periodically from location to location.

The artist is very diverse working in painting, photography, sculpture, video, and even installations.

BA from University of  Iowa and MA from Rudolph Steiner College in Sacramento, CA.

She uses nearly anything you could imagine in her assemblage pieces of dresses. Song books, diaries, beeswax and even found objects like lace and other old textiles. She also is a great fine art weaver.

It is  3 part series but when I tried to cut and paste the rest it didn’t work out. If you would like to see more go to her youtube site.

I enjoy this artist’s work for her many different creative ideas, it seems she never runs out!

Below are clips showing the artist at work making one of her dresses.

Be sure and do something creative today while are digesting your turkey!





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