Artists of the moment…..McDermott and McGough….


These artists are contemporary artists that work together on every project. Skilled painters each, but also very inventive. They are known for taking photographs of themselves dressed in the 1800 or early 190os. What is different about them is they use various processes that were used back in the era.

The two are quite eccentric and for a short had a studio and house in New York City that was lit entirely by candlelight.

As well as painting and sculpture the duo also is known for film making and sculpture.

Their paintings are a throw back to the 60s pop art style. Some works remind one of a Roy Lichtenstein but the word bubbles are left out, leaving the viewer to fill in the thoughts being expressed.

The artist’s were both born in the United States and both attended Syracuse University which is where they met in the 1970s.

They received a big break back in the 1980s getting praise from Julian Schnabel and this put the artist on a very high level with other contemporaries such as Keith Haring and Basquiat.

I love the creativity of these artists. I think these days its very tough to live without a cell phone, yet alone without electricity. Artist’s should be eccentric to establish themselves as a brand, I will never forget these two characters as they wish they live much of their life as if they are in the 1800s, even their clothes are made to look from that time period.

Here is short clip showing some of the artists work.

Quick post about a show the two artists did in 2008.

Try living in the 1800s for just one day! I encourage you to try and then compare this life to the life these artists choose to live.

Happy painting!




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