Artist of the moment…. Christopher Reilly…

The artist was born in New Rochelle, New York in 1967.

this artist does encaustics (working with wax) but instead of using oil he glazes with watercolor.

He works on very large canvases or boards sometimes as large as 76 inches on one side. Most of the works don’t have a horizon line and rather focus on the movement and growth of a flower or a branch across the picture plane.

He wants the works to be both ancient and modern. His method includes wax and watercolor in the background followed by paint and scraping in between layers. He usually works on 8 to 12 paintings at one time. It takes multiple months and layers of paint.

He enjoys carving flowers and leaves out of the build up layers of wax.  Trying to show the dying, growing, and beginning of a plant or flower. The artist is influenced by Buddhism and the circle of life.

As a painter who likes to try new ideas and ways of applying paint, this artist is the first artist I have seen that paints with watercolor whilst using an encaustic method!

Try painting with wax for something different. You can really make your focal point stand out!

Happy painting!


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