Artist of the moment…. Hiro Yokose….


I enjoy this artist’s landscape for the moodiness contained in this artist’s work. His medium is oils but he also adds encaustic (wax) to his work. Allowing  a buildup of many layers of paint.  Not much color seen in his pieces, his artwork is similar to the photographer Hiroshi Sugimoto or Ansel Adams. A very limited use of color also helps to enhance the sunsets and sunrises the artist usually paints.

The artist was born in Nagasaki, Japan in 1951.

Another reason I love this artist is his price range is all over the place, the last works in the photo section of this article are only 8 by 8 and done on his normal method of oil on canvas or linen on board.

Looked all over the internet for some more info on the artist but couldn’t find any. He has works in several galleries.

I enjoy the feelings contained in his work and the composition. Is is very simplistic but different in that the horizon line is many times broken by a flash of moonlight bouncing off the water.

Get out there and CREATE!



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