Artist of the moment… Wolf Kahn….

Below is a clip featuring a show at the TayloePiggett Gallery. Lasts around 2 and a half minutes. Great compositions to see here. Very simple but communicate the artist’s point well.

Another clip showing the first part of a 6 part interview done with with the Jerald Melberg Gallery. There are 6 parts so I listed one and if you want to see more just head to youtube!


the artist was born in 1927 in Stuttgart, Germany. He is known world wide for his approach of color and composition. He calls himself abstract expressionist in his works. It all depends on how you look at it. Wyeth thought he was very abstract except he painted what you felt after looking at something for hours on end, with layers and layers of paint.

The artist attended the University of Chicago and now lives in Vermont and New York City.

Member of the National Academy of Design.

He is in so many collections and museums just take my word, he is on many continents!


I prefer to think of Kahn’s work as very loose representational work. In an article I read about the artist his teacher told him to make it feel like a tree, don’t just represent a tree.

He is very similar to colorist plein aire painters such as Camille Przewodek or Stephen Quiller. Use the colors and patterns ALREADY found in nature to compose a prize winning fantastic work of art.

The artist works in a variety of media. Oils and pastels mixed with monotypes and lithograph prints. A very productive artist that has works at various price levels. I enjoy the artist for his longevity and the fact he still produces. But most of all enjoy his color.

Happy painting!



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