Artist of the moment…. Natasha Wescoat….



On this site my main goal is to get people to cross over from their favorite styles of art, to alternate views.  I was watching a documentary on Andy Warhol last night, the artist stated that he started as a commercial artist but wanted to finish as a business artist. I think Warhol was the the epitome of a businessman artist. I would give that label now to Damien Hirst of Great Britain. He has broken thru with his whales and diamond encrusted skulls and has tried just about every medium out there.

Today’s artist is in more than 1.000 collections and has many works available as posters and giclee prints. For her commercial work I just really enjoy looking at her trees. Contemporary no doubt, kind of a cross between Vincent Van Gogh and Gustav Klimt. Her trees are very animated and lively.

She is her own brand. Listen up artists! We can all do a better job of getting our name and brand out there. I could only imagine how viral and how many followers Andy Warhol would have on Twitter, AT LEAST 5 MILLION!  He was just a great marketer.

In 2006 the artist was featured on ABC tv show “Extreme Makeover Home Edition”

Besides trees the artist has a great edition out titled the babydolls featuring vibrant, happy, and beautiful.

The artist is very diverse having both corporations and individual people as collectors as well as both young and old.

From this artist we can learn to be bold in our drawing of landscape such as tree shapes and to use color nicely in our compositions as well.I enjoy this artist for her happiness that I feel comes thru in all of her works. The artist seems in a very happy and complete state of mind.

This artist is a great entrepreneur as she is on many of the new social networks. Facebook, Vimeo, she has blog, her own website, youtube, and even twitter and even myspace. Big difference in selling work on like and selling in brick and mortar shops.

Below is a great interview with the artist and her business ideas.

Another short clip with the artist doing a pbs interview.

Happy painting!


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