Artist of the moment…. Len Chmiel….


this artist paints awesome landscapes! As an artist I enjoy his use of colors. His mountains use long slender triangle shapes in shadow areas that explode with color.

His paintings have much depth and space as well. The viewer is looking across a large flat space that is dark then light using contrasting areas and values to give the viewer the idea of looking across a large desert space or even a mountain.

His painting of snow is great also. Many  times artists use greys when painting snow and winter scenes, for me I love it when an artist chooses to light up the highly reflective snow surface with exciting colors with a little blue or even some mauve and purple tones thrown in.  It reminds me of being out on a mountain during winter when the sun is out and you take off your shades and are “blinded by the light” Color everywhere! Exaggerate it!

The artist was born in Chicago in 1942 and moved to California at age 8. He now lives in Colorado and his studio is an old barn.

The artist was first a mechanical engineer for an aerospace company. He attended night drawing classes and worked as an illustrator honing his design skills to become a full time fine artist.

Below is a brief interview with the artist and Clyde Aspevig from Montana talking about Maynard Dixon Country, a show held for outdoor painters in Mt. Carmel Utah in the end of August.  So many different interpretations of the same ideas, just great creativity involved.



He has also taught drawing at Disney Animation Studios and continues to take on the occasional illustration job.

A major artistic influence was the painter Richard Diebenkorn.

Try a landscape painting today!



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