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Artist of the moment…. Pumpkin Artist Ray Villafane….



this artist is amazing and is especially popular this time of year as he does portraits, sometimes very animated of people and he uses pumpkins and gourds as his medium. I came across the artist whilst watching the Martha Stewart show.  In less than 2 hours time he finishes most of his work. Always growing as an artist his works this year show the face while being pushed or pulled by a hand which he also carves.  Amazing detail and sculpting skills on display here!

And gotta love the medium, pumpkins and gourds!

From the clip on the Martha Stewart show he did most work using a clay ribbon loop of varying sizes.  The most important thing is to pick a NOT PERFECT circle and rather a pumpkin that is unique in shape so you may develop a strong jaw, chin, or nose.

Here is a clip from his youtube channel. In 5 minutes and 5 seconds straight he carves a fine face anyone would love to see on a pumpkin!

This artist has at least one DVD out, but even check out his free tutorials or his stint on Martha Stewart show and you will learn enough to do a fantastic job!


Hats off to all you artists, do some thing in the Halloween spirit today!