Artist of the moment….. California painter Dennis Ziemienski…


this artist is what I would call a period painter, going not only for  a likeness but the feel of something from the 50s or 60s west coast america. Some artists working in this genre would be Peregrine Heathcoat, Lane Timothy, even Jack Vettriano. They are known for painting a time period and for this artist he concentrates on that time period but mainly in California. A wonderful illustrator to boot, the artist remembers his childhood when the family would leave San Fransisco where he grew up and travel up and down California in search of relatives and vacations.

The time period when you might see a  hot dog stand in the shape of a hot dog or an iceberg.  When people weren’t attached to corporate entities and someone just thought hey lets try a business alongside this highway and see if we can make a go of it. The true entrepreneur spirit!

The artist was born and raised in California. He attended the California School of Art and Crafts.

Has worked as an illustrator and has had many gigs including designing a Super Bowl Poster. Also worked with Levi’s and New York Times.

I enjoy this artist for taking me back to my childhood and before Sonic the best thing for me was a float from the A and W rootbeer stand! He did a great show about places existing in California on Highway 99 that was super!

Try painting a time period piece, a black and white marilyn monroe era type painting, or a sock hop. See if you can achieve not only a likeness, but try to capture the essence of the piece as well.

The artist also has done large murals as well.

Quick interview with the artist talking about his show about Highway 99.

Happy painting!


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