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Artist of the moment…Laura Blue Palmer….


great vacation but nice to be back as well with an invigorated motivation. This artist I saw while visiting the Dana Gallery in Missoula, Montana. The gallery has twice hosted the national Oil Painters of America Competition. She paints wonderful landscapes with colors that help set the mood. Mainly the mountains are in the background and in the front is a body of water reflecting the lights above.

She paints in a variety of sizes from 8 by 10 inches to 30 by 40 inches so if you like the style I am sure you can find a painting you would enjoy living with.

The artist was born and raised in Virginia. Her grandpa, whom she never knew, was a well collected area artist specializing in watercolors.

The artist went to the U. of M. as well and also attended art school in San Fransisco. She now makes her home in Bozeman, Montana.She loves the wide open spaces of the west and loves to emphasize their openness in her paintings.She has backpacked across much of the west and even Canada to find inspiration for her paintings.

As an artist I enjoy her composition and use of color to help set the mood.

Below is a link to her own website.

Try a landscape using color to set the mood and work on making a statement thru the sky. Don’t concentrate on the trees or mountains, silhouette them, and see if you can give the sky some energy!

Great to be back and happy painting!