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Artist of the moment… Speed painter Brian Olsen…


this guy is one of few artists to master speed painting. I saw the artist the other day on a PBS special. He does most work for charity, keep in mind most charity auctions the artist gets around 50% of the sale price. He once had a marilyn monroe painting sell for more than 200,000 dollars!

You can see the excitement as he paints his memorized paintings from his head. He might do eyes then nose and save the big feature for last, say a mustache like Einstein. I enjoy the energy and color of his work. He jumps and gets totally immersed in paint when he works.

Also a master businessman you can order gear from his website that has his own logo “Art in Action!”

The main thing to remember about speed painting is to use methods the artist has mastered to quickly come to a conclusion, time is of the essence and the main point of the painting.

The originator of this style is Denny Dent, a painter who died and only had one student, Brian Olson. Dent was able to finish his works in the course of one song and he painted mainly rock stars. Another speed painter is Dan Dunn who works in around 3 to 7 minutes.

For us painters its like painting without an under painting, but the figures they paint I am sure they could draw from memory from any variety of positions. Once you see the shapes that make up different faces they are easy to repeat. The end result is similar to an Andy Warhol screenprint portrait. Notice the large dark shadow areas that make up the face.

Below is a clip showing the artist at work.

This will be my last post until October 12th as I must head out into the field to do some paintings of the wonderful fall colors and attend some painting workshops and demos!

Keep painting and learning!