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Artist of the moment…. Hovsep Pushman…



In a previous post I wrote about Yin Yong Chun, I am sure he must use this artist as an idea for his still life paintings with a modern twist, well rendered flowers or apples and fruit in the foreground most times on a table and in the background worn wallpaper. The both have works at Spanierman Art LLC.

Hovsep Pushman was born in Armenia in 1877.

Mr. Pushman started his studies at age 11 in Constantinople in 1888.  He immigrated in 1894 to the United States. He lived in Chicago and was able to learn at the Chicago Institute of Art.He is the youngest ever student at age 11 to art school which was for college age students.

In 1910 the artist went to Paris and was able to study under well known French artists.  When he left Paris took off traveling the Orient and found what he loved to paint, oriental subject matter and patterns dealing with patterns and not just painting 3 dimensional forms in space.

He also loved to paint nudes dressed exotically and in front of the Oriental patterned wall paper.

The artist lived for years in Riverside California and painted many commission whilst living there.

He returned to the U.S. in 1923 and lived in New York City. He became the first artist to sue someone for reproducing his works without permission, this decision originally went against the artist but was reversed and as a consequence we have copyright law. The offending party was the New York Graphic Society.

In 1942 to the National Academy of ARt granted him admission and he is only the second artist to turn down admission.

He died aged 89 in 1966.

From an artist standpoint I love the people that change the way people think! I could never buy a painting of a bowl of apples or lemons as emotionally I find the paintings flat for me. But when I see a figure be they birds, a tree, or figures in the background as wall paper it really makes you think for a moment. Do the birds wish they could eat the apples? I love the mix of old and new in this artist’s still life paintings. Try something new to your boring bowl of fruit, a fancy tablemat or wall paper!

Happy painting!

I will be heading off to do some landscape painting as well as still life painting so no new posts until October 11!

Happy painting!