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Artist of the moment… Furniture and mixed media artist Doug Meyer….



I just found out about this artist recently but love his fresh look on old things. He does a variety of mediums from painting on cars like Andy Warhol or Roy Lichtenstein to many varieties of sculpture, but I love his making of furniture out of recycled old steel and various metals.

He learned by watching others do the work he wanted to do. Like an apprenticeship.

He is one of few artists who went to Job Corps for a period while he was finding himself, then found a master to study with and now produces a large amount of vary unique work.

His bookcases and tables are amazing as they are not only functional as tables and chairs,but also art. Wheelchairs made into love seats? Chairs made from recycled shopping carts. Anything you want, this guy can make it. In most cases he uses very old metal that has been worn, so he doesn’t color the work at all.

I encourage to take a look at his website to see some more of his works! He is really unique and remarkable!

Here is the website link.

The artist is just starting to make his name on the national scene so get in now while the prices are more than reasonable!

Keep painting and dreaming of new ways to the same old subject matter.