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Artist of the moment… Lorraine Christie….



since we are chatting about artists who sell great originals and great prints lets talk about Lorraine Christie.  The artist is very versatile, painting landscapes, still lifes, and cityscapes. I own some prints of what I like most about her work, the city scenes.  For me she paints wonderful crowds of people. It takes a long time how to take a mass of people and change and twist them so you get repetitive shapes but not shapes that are exactly alike. Giotto and Degas were also great at painting crowds of people. For single figure works the artist also paints ballerinas but for me its her grouping of figures that excites me the most.

Some cityscape artists don’t paint people in scenes but I enjoy the works of John Salminem as well as Joseph Zbukvic. If you would like to learn how to draw better groups of people I highly recommend Glenn Vilppu, the man who has educated many artists who has some lessons out on dvd, mine are so old they are on VHS tape. But if you want to learn how to draw anything, I can’t recommend his lessons highly enough.

The artist was born in North Ireland, then moved to Palm Beach, and finally to Georgia where she lives now.

The artist loves to use color and mixture of warm and cool colors to help spur the viewer into connecting with her works emotionally.  Besides using color the artist also uses many lost edges in her work. This gives her figures in the cityscapes a lot of moment that otherwise would be lacking. When you look down at the feet of the people many times you cant see the exact leg or shoe, only the shape of the motion the shoe makes.

Her goals as an artist are expressionism, realism, and  impressionism.  She strives to create a sense of presence and emotion rather than just  a piece of decorative art.

One thing she does differently than any other artist I have heard of, she names the painting before finishing it! How about that!

Try naming a painting first and then painting! Just to try something different than you normally do!

Happy painting!