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Artist of the moment……Nelson Boren



Nelson Boren’s work is all over the place! In American Art Collector, Western Art Collector, and numerous others! He does realism but still leaves the viewer wishing to see more as in most of his works he only paints the bottom of a pant leg and some shoes or boots.

Here is a link to his blog.

If you check out his blog make sure and see the paintings he did of the same boot with a variety of different background colors.

The artist was born in 1952. Attended Arizona State University and after leaving college worked as an architect.

The artist makes his wonderful watercolors with a variety of tools to make the different textures really pop. He uses wire bristle brushes, a carpet layers tool, and razor blades are used and he works mainly from photographs.

He now lives and draws inspiration from his surroundings in Sand Point, Idaho.

I enjoy this artist for the mystery of his feet/ shoe only paintings. I enjoy the challenge of letting my mind what kind of person inhabits the rest of the work!

A quick clip showing some of the artist’s work set to music! Enjoy!

Happy painting!