Artist of the moment…… Yuri Gorbachev….



as we are taking a look at artists who are both successful in galleries as well as commercial art, lets take a glance at Yuri Gorbachev. This artist is not only a painter but also an illustrator and he also works with ceramics.

He was born in 1948 in Russia and came to the United States in 1991. He gathers inspiration from the designs of Faberge as well as the Byzantine styles of art. He applied his style of working with ceramics on his canvas paintings and has a very unique style.

From a design standpoint he uses the square format in his paintings which is different than most styles that use a more horizontal or vertical format.

He is known as the “Angel of Russia”

He was trained in Soviet art academies and has degrees in both philosophy and communication. He has designed labels for several Vodka brands and also has few books out featuring his artwork and life story. His works are in museums and collections such as the White House, the Kremlin, the Louvre, and the United Nations.

Hats off to this artist for being a successful working artist in a variety of mediums. Successful in all mediums that we try should be a goal of every artist!

Below is a clip with the artist doing a museum interview in San Francisco. Its a two part interview and both last just under 10 minutes. The first part.

The second part.

A brief clip about the artist given by CNN.

Another good idea the artist gives us is that with drawing or painting items with straight edges such as buildings try and lean the buildings back to give them character. I suppose leaning forward is okay, but not too much then they look like they are falling over.  This can be any straight line, even boats. His buildings in the pictures above have a lot of character though they include very straight lines and edges.


Happy painting!


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