Artist of the moment… Walasse Ting…

The artist and Sam Francis talking about Andy Warhol.

Below a short gallery clip of the artist working in a studio.



this artist was born in 1929 in Shanghai, China and passed away in 2010. I enjoy his paintings but he was also produced fun and highly colorful prints and wrote poetry. A true artist in every sense!

He worked in a variety of mediums and liked to paint with acrylics on rice paper and canvas.

The artist moved to Japanese Hong Kong in 1946 and shortly after worked with the COBRA artists in Paris started in 1952.

In 1958 the artist moved to New York and worked with the Abstract Expressionists.  He won a guggenheim fellowship for drawing in 1972 and became a United States citizen in 1974.

In the 1990s he lived back and forth between Holland and New York. He had a stroke in 2002 which slowed his output so he didn’t have many shows after that.

Died in 2010.

The thing we can learn from this artist is to try different mediums and also how to control reds. Its frustrating drawing or painting a red flower as its hard to control the reds. I really enjoy his paintings of flowers as the colors are bright but controlled. Just from looking at the artist’s work I feel happy! Great work!

He made 13 books over his lifetime. His work is also in many museums like the Tate Modern, Museum of Modern Art, the Hong Kong Museum of Art, and the Guggenheim.

Happy painting! Write a haiku to go along with your next work just to try expressing a feeling in a different medium.



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