Artist of the moment….. William Wray….


Below is a clip and an idea for all galleries owners to try. In this modern day and age with people so busy sometimes you may not get to see your favorite show. This gallery owner did walk thru of this show of landscapes with a modern edge and posted it on youtube for all to see! Thanks very much sir for that! An awesome idea! The first artist he goes thru is William Wray so you don’t have to watch the entire show to catch more of his work, just the first minute. But take some time and catch a glimpse of the entire show. I just enjoyed the concept.

this guy is inspirational for me as he has mastered not only cartoons but also oils. Many non artisan people think artists are just born that way but the fact is you must very dedicated to succeed in art no matter what the medium. Writing songs, singing, acting, dancing, painting, sculpting the list goes on and on. Even the artist Sam Hyde that I wrote about a short time ago started in the art world at 14 years of age but always grew and expanded his artistic skills to the point where he could design a fine art painting, a poster for reproduction, a road sign, or a greeting card. He never stopped growing!


This artist became known for his landscape paintings but has now ventured into figures and still life poses as well. I first came across the artist in American Art Collector magazine and was amused because he takes what might be ordinary to some people and paints in extraordinary! A parking garage, a road sign, or a railroad all made into fine one of a kind art. He tends to exaggerate color and light but due to his background in cartoons even a road sign is very animated when put in his hands.

William Wray was born in 1956 and uses this name for fine art and Bill Wray for cartoons. As far as cartoons go you may have seen his work in Mad magazine, a wonderful magazine as it has loads of caricatures of pop stars, celebs, and politicians. He had a part called Monroe that was in more than 100 issues.  He also worked on the Wren andStimpy show that ran on Nickelodeon.

He was in an army family and became fascinated by cartoons at an early age. Lucky for him he was able to study animation from a retired Disney artist when Mr. Wray was only 15 years old and the family lived in Newport Beach, California.

Also has worked for DC and Marvel comics. So you can see he has very much training in getting things to look great in reproduction.

The artist talks about catching the old america before it is replaced by a new strip mall and new buildings. Maybe the recent economic slowdown is good for artist looking to capture old america as it will be with us until the financing can come along to rebuild the old things, let us celebrate what is new and here right now. As I live in the midwest I can always find many old buildings to paint and I am thankful for that. Since Mr. Wray lives in California he has to be quick in what he paints before it disappears.

I appreciate this artist since he has worked in both cartoons and comics and now is moving upward in the world of fine art. Since I started in art doing caricatures its very satisfying to see someone who can draw and paint anything!


Try painting something boring today. A sink, a soda bottle or can, a parking space with a car in it or better yet empty. See if you can capture the mood and look to this artist to see how he makes the sometimes boring spectacular!

Next post is 300 entries!



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