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Artist of the moment….. typographer and painter Catherine Courtenaye….



I love art of all different mediums and this artist is great to me as she combines elegant handwriting with paint.

The artist was born in Madrid, Spain in 1957.

She attended many schools in the United States and abroad graduating magna cum laude in English from Colby College in Maine in 1979.  She received a masters of fine arts degree from the University of Iowa in 1984. Before graduated she studied in Bath, England as well as the Massachusetts College of Art in Boston.

The artist has work in public places as well as private and corporate collections.She also shows her work at 3 galleries. The link to her page is below.

The artist bases her work on the typography and writing of the 19th century. She tries to mix in various explosions of color with her imperfect lines and marks from alphabets. It gives her work a loose and very modern feel.

Next time you at a store that sells greeting cards go over and take a look and see the many different types of lettering used for certain expressions. Its very interesting to see the differences between say Halloween font and Holiday or Valentines Day fonts.

Go check out a calligraphy book at the library or sign up for lesson. It will help your eyes pay attention to thick and thin lines.

Happy writing!