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Artist of the moment…. Artist Maurice Braun…



The artist was born in 1877 and died in 1941. He could paint great portraits as well as landscapes, but was known mainly for landscapes of the California area.

He was born in Hungary but when he was four years old the family moved to New York City. He studied art as he grew older and attended the National Academy of FineArts.While attending school here he studied mainly the French style of painting and learned from such artists as Francis Jones, George Maynard, and Edgar Ward. After finishing school he was able to study directly under the painter William Merritt Chase. After this experience he quit painting portraits and decided to trade New York City for the wilderness of California.  He was already known as painter of figures and portraits but wanted to fully study the landscape genre.

I will try and profile some of the well known California painters and please look at them and see how different artists try to exaggerate different themes. Artist Stock Schlueter goes for much color in the skies whereas this artist tends to lighten and grey out the skies giving the painting an airy and warm feeling. For instance I would say in the paintings listed here the mood of the day is happy, sunlit, and peaceful. In Mr. Schluter’s work many times a storm has just passed and you can feel the humidity and changing light in the air. This artist also paints great tree shapes. Don’t always draw or paint exactly what is in front of you, make the lines fun and exciting. This means learning some great tree shapes to draw and paint.

Try drawing or painting a tree and changing the skies to see if you can get the mood you are searching for. Many artists love to work with trees as the limbs are very similar to people the way the limbs grow and taper off.



Artist of the moment… Stock Schlueter…



this artist made the incredible landscape you see on the cover of the September edition of American Art Collector. By far my favorite art magazine continually inspiring me to try new and creative ways in which to work. The artist shows at John Pence Gallery in San Fransisco. The cover piece is the third from the top.

As an artist his play of light is spot on but more importantly is his painting of skies. He paints air. Nothing wrong with painting the sky lighter or darker than it appears to enhance the mood you would like to create. Having lived in Montana and seeing the works of Russell Chatham whom I wrote about previously, grey clouds can set a very quiet and reflective mood. This artist when painting the Eel Valley painting that is on the front of the magazine for me it reminds me of being outside just after a quiet rain storm, the air is heavy and the sunlight feels extra warm since the cool wet rain has passed.

Very good compositions as well. Mainly the artist paints the outdoor landscapes found in California but I threw in the piece with model planes and airplanes just to show how diverse the artist is.

The artist was born in 1949. Attended college at University of Northern Colorado.

Is very prolific as far as output and likes to contrast greys with bright outbursts of color, his skies are very moody and dramatic.

If you have some moments at Barnes and Nobles be sure and check out the latest issue of American Art Collector to see his cover piece.

Always create!



Great Artist of the moment…. Cheeming Boey…



this guy does incredible work and I just found out about him. The artist works as an illustrator in Newport Beach, California but has become known more for what he does on his own time. Design and create incredible works of art on styrofoam coffee cups.

Just the idea is great by itself, taking something that is meant only to be used once and takes very long to decompose and turn it into art that can be looked every day and make you smile. He uses a variety of styles in his artwork as well. Sometimes using Asian themes such as Hokusai’s wave for inspiration as well as other modern themes. Some other ideas he has used for themes are pointalist technique as well as works done in a comic book style similar to manga or other Asian comic book styles.

His website has a very simple and straight forward layout. Some artist’s websites have so many things trying to upload I get tired of waiting and leave early, but his is very simple to navigate and you can read more about him and when he has appeared in the news.

In one interview I read the artist said he didn’t think great artwork needed only to happen on canvas. The most amazing piece of artwork I have ever seen was in Holland. I will never forget it, it was a Rembrandt drawing of a bolt of lightening. The light and dark contrast was so great, and to think he did it all without use of a camera. Last week a major award was won by a photographer who shot the Eiffel tower surrounded by lightening, made me think how many studies Rembrandt did of the lightening. I will never forget seeing this work of art in person in Amsterdam.

Cheeming Boey said great artwork can happen at a restaurant or dinner table just doodling on a napkin or receipt. The important thing is to create all the time, always be in the creative process which means ALWAYS be ready to learn and you will succeed as an artist.

The artist was born in Malaysia but now lives in California.

Below is a youtube clip with the artist talking about being an artist and drawing on the coffee cups.

Try drawing something on a receipt, mail envelope, or napkin just to get your mind used to creating no matter what the surface!

Keep learning daily!