Richard Schmid Fine Art Auction for Risy Canyon Volunteer Fire Dept.

It was amazing and I hope you went or checked out the auction on line. I got to see many of the artists in person, my favorite new artist I got to see was Dave McBride who turned a fantastic piece of some horses in a race. Much was left to the imagination, where the legs should be it appeared as if he used a palette knife to swipe them away, it gave them much movement.

Rich Schmid was in California with his wife the painter Nancy Guzik so he wasn’t able to attend. Richard had 3 pieces in the auction, the first was a painting of black eyed susan flowers and it went for $9,500. A real steal for the buyer. He also had 2 other figure pieces that went for a shade under $20,000. The buyers should sleep well because the investment is sure to double within 5 years as Schmid himself is in his golden years and his paintings in galleries go for far more than that as he has concentrated on helping the younger generation of painters like Casey Baugh, Lori Woodward, and Katie Swatland as well as other Putney Painters. His output isn’t what it used to be.

The next Schmid painter might be Ian Schmid who had a piece of the London Bridge in the auction going for a little more than $400. He is only 10 years old and if he should make it as an artist it would be only the 5th family in American art history to achieve such a goal. The others I have talked about before but they are the Wyeths, Wiggins, Gruppes, and Peale families.

Lori Forest whom I just blogged about was there in person as well signing giclees of her burning forest painting. It was a very emotional moment and the bidding for the painting started at $500 and got up past $5000.  The winning bidder got much applause. It was  a picture she saw as she herself had to evacuate.

Always try and go at least one charity auction, much of the art went at basement prices yesterday as some of the frames and the linen they were painted on cost more than the end price. Its a great cause as well as supporting an artist!

Hope to see you there next year!



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