Artist of the moment…Landscape painter Selden Gile



This artist was born in 1877 and was an all time great from California. The artist was born in Stow, Maine and his parents came from England. He was in fact named for the governor of Maine. After living in the North East he finished high school and went to live with a brother in Portland, Maine.

A family friend invited the artist to move out west and work as a paymaster and a clerk on a ranch out in California.

Supposedly a dangerous job the artist carried a guy since one of his jobs was to deliver the payroll to the ranch from the bank.

He fell in love with the owner of the ranch’s daughter. They disapproved and sent her to Europe where she found a different husband. The artist was upset about this and afterwards didn’t really chase after the ladies that much.

In 1905 he moved to Oakland, California from the ranch and sold ceramic building materials that highly sought after the San Fransisco earthquake.

He was known to be a great host and have raucous parties. He provided lodging at times for artists of the working class.

He died from alcoholism in 1947 and was buried at a site which he loved to paint.

This artist had a fun uplifting use of color and I loved the fact he basically self taught and just was hard working in artwork.

Happy painting!




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