Artist of the moment…. Encaustic Painter Earl Schofield….



this artist is just great! He attacks the landscape thru the buildup of paint and wax known as encaustic. I enjoy the depth of the paintings as well as the muted color. His work reminds me of artists who make a smooth and blended background with brushes and fingers and then add paint with a palette knife on top, it really pushes the foreground to the front.

Two artists I have written about who build up paint with the palette knife are Richard Schmid and Lynn Boggess.  Mr. Schmid uses the palette knife to build up paint and Mr. Boggess paints only with cement trowels! How interesting is that?

As for Earl Schofield he lives in New Hampshire now and is mainly inspired to paint the landscape of the North East.

Another interesting aspect is the artist usually works with a square board or canvas. For a beginning artist the simple square can be challenging in that its not to make equal shapes of light and dark areas. The artist has a wonderful sense of design.

He likes to paint scenes but scenes that express his mood at the moment, not just a likeness. He achieves this also by the use of very muted color in his backgrounds.

I hope sometime to try this technique of using encaustic but have yet to find a great dvd to recommend teaching the technique.

Try a square landscape today!

Keep learning and painting!


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