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Artist of the moment…. Tonalist painter Russell Chatham….



This artist was born in 1939 and spent much of his early life in CarmelĀ  Valley, California. He was inspired by his grandfather, Gotardo Piazzoni, a well known and collected 20th century landscape painter. The artist inherited his grandpa’s easel and paintbox and still uses them.

The artist was mainly self taught but likes to work on very large pieces. In Bozeman at the Museum of the Rockies, he was commissioned to do a 14 feet by 10 feet of the Missouri River and like a previous post he used multiple vantage points in making this large panoramic piece. The artist I was referring to was Rackstraw Downes.

He is a painter, lithographer, and writer. He has been featured in such magazines as Sports Illustrated, Esquire, and the Outdoor Life.

Loves to fly fish and now lives and has a gallery producing posters, prints, and lithographs in Livingston, Montana.

Finishes less than 10 very large paintings per year.

As an artist I enjoy the way this painter controls his colors and catches the emotional impact of the The Big Sky Country. And also his diversity as an artist producing works that are not only great originals but make great printsĀ  and posters as well.

Try a landscape using only the primary colors as your base.

Try a landscape today! And to make it more moody than realistic blend all the edges and gray down all your colors!

I guess his studio closed earlier in August around the 16th so no luck for getting a lithograph direct from the artist. Below is a 3 minute clip about the artist.



Artist of the moment…. David Febland



This artist was born in London and now lives and works in New York City in fact in Soho. The artist paints in oils and gouache. I enjoy his works because although he uses a camera as his base the people in his works seem very lively and full of motion.

He isn’t afraid of painting anything that exists in the city. A motorcyle, a gang of young men, a group of skateboarders.

He is known and collected around the world.

Very modern in his composition and use of color.

A clip from this year including some works from the artist and the downtown buildings of New York.

Keep painting!




Artist of the moment…. Dianne Massey-Dunbar






I first saw this artist in person at gallery 1261 in Denver and really enjoyed the lively paintings of ordinary objects such as jars. She made them come to life! Even a boring thing such as a jar, parking meter, lipstick container, or candy bar all seem animated in oils by the artist.

At a young age her parents realized her artistic ability and she studied with an illustrator named Harold Wolfinbarer Jr. She learned the basics of drawing and painting from him. Later in life at the Denver Art Students League she studied with Kevin Weckbach, Quang Ho, Ron Hicks, and Mark Daily. I find the artist very inspirational since I too have studied at the Art Students League of Denver. I love the fact she just LOVES to paint, and I can see it in her works. Boring items to most, a table of silverware seems to leap off the canvas when she paints it, as its not the object but rather the process she enjoys the most.

The artist shows at in Denver, Colorado and in San Antonio, Texas.

The most important thing to learn from this artist is to always have FUN when painting anything be it a jar, compact, or glass of water.

Happy painting!